eDiscovery Collect

Download eDiscovery data remotely, right from its source. Import emails and files directly from both your own and your clients’ cloud accounts (Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive).

It’s faster data collection that’s still simple and secure.

Try eDiscovery Collect

How It Works


Create a collection.

These are temporary spaces on our servers to store your files. You'll log in using your email address.


Import files.

Add files to your collection. Select them from your own cloud accounts or from your clients’ (we’ll help you send them 'collection requests').


Download your collection.

Set up a payment method (credit card or Google Pay) and start downloading your collections.

Why Use eDiscovery Collect

  • Speed up collections.

    Stop waiting on clients to gather data. Send them all a clickable authorization link and download the data yourself.

  • Respect privacy.

    When you send a ‘collection request,’ recipients get to control when and how you access their data. They decide which files/folders you get to see.

  • Protect data.

    eDiscovery Collect does not alter/delete files or metadata. And its authenticated end-to-end collection leaves a defensible audit trail.

  • Simplify billing.

    Bypass the hassle of negotiating prices. Costs are fixed in advance and deducted only when you start downloading a collection.

  • Stay flexible.

    Use any eDiscovery software. Collect only helps you download files, so it doesn’t lock you into a particular eDiscovery service.


$15* + $5/GB**

*$15 flat fee per account plus **$5 per GB of data you download

Note: You pay only to download files to your computer. Within a collection (stored on our servers), you can import and delete unlimited files for free. Also, you can re-download files for free within 7 days of importing them. Download data is rounded up to the nearest GB.


Who has access to my files when I collect them using eDiscovery Collect?

Only you will be able to access the files in your Collection with the unique Collection ID given to you when you create the Collection. Enter this on the eDiscovery Collect website (Resume Collection tab,) then enter the verification code sent to the email address you created the Collection with.

We recommend not sharing your Collection ID and the email verification code with anyone else. By default, Collections are not made accessible to clients/collaborators.

Will any of my data be altered or deleted when I link my accounts

The permissions you provide us with are solely used for collecting data - we do not alter or delete any data, or send emails when you give us permission to access your account. When you delete files from your Collection, they are not altered/deleted in the original Collection account from which they were imported. Furthermore, we do not collect all the files from your accounts, only the ones you direct us to import through the application.

How long is my information stored by you?

Once you import data into your Collection, it is available for 7 days for download. After 7 days it is deleted permanently from our servers. If you choose to delete a file in your Collection using the options provided in the interface, it will be immediately removed from our servers and become unrecoverable. This does not alter the original accounts from which the files were imported.

Will I be informed in advance how much this will cost me?

There is no cost associated with importing files into your Collection. Before you download files, the cost of doing so will be calculated and displayed, at which point you can decide on whether you wish to proceed or not.

Who is billed - my client or me?

You will be billed at the time of downloading your imported files. Once you have paid to download files, you will be able to re-download them at no extra cost within 7 days of the import.

I want to view, search, and review my files - how can I do this?

eDiscovery Collect is a dedicated data collection/importing tool. If you wish to view and review your files, try GoldFynch eDiscovery - a convenient and affordable eDiscovery platform that is perfect for document review. Just create an account and case, then drag and drop your downloaded files into the application (which runs straight out of your browser) to upload and automatically process them for review using the application’s inbuilt document viewer. Try GoldFynch for free here.